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Savings Rates Certificate Rates Loan Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: March 1, 2013
Fee Schedule
Membership par value$25
Account Closure within 90 days of opening$15
Account reconciliation/research$10 per hour - 1 hour minimum
Account Closure to renumber/remove joint owner$15 per occurrence
ACH origination changes$1 per change
ACH origination$5 per New Setup/Stop
Certified mailCost plus $2
Christmas Club early withdrawal$10 per occurrence
Coin counter7% of amount counted
Copies per page$.10 - 15 pages max
Corporate check$1 per check
Corporate check copy$7 per check
Courtesy Pay$30 per item
Deposit item copy$2 per item
Deposit return$9 per item
Deposit return-same member$30 per item
Escheatable account$50
Fax$2 per page
Inactive account - under $100 $5 per month
Mail Corporate check$1
Mail receipt$1 - per request only
Member check cashing with only a basic savings account1% of check total but not less than $10
Money Market below $2,500$15 per month
Money Market withdrawal$5 per withdrawal after 6 per month
Money order$0.25
Non-member check cashing$15 per check regardless of the dollar amount
Non-member Corporate check$16 per check requested- regardless of the dollar amount
Notary$5 for non member
Overnightactual cost plus $2
Postal forwarding$3 per piece of mail
Reissue stale dated Corporate check$5 per check
Reopen membership$15 per occurrence
Return mail - no forwarding address$3 per piece of mail
Savings below minimum balance$2 per month
Savings withdrawal$5 per withdrawal after 6 per month
Savings withdrawals - Youth or Flicker$5 per withdrawal after 1 free per month
Special request cash order$5 per occurrence
Statement copy$3 per month within the last 90, if more than 90 days, $8 per month
Stop payment on Corporate check$25 (after the later of)
  1. ) 90th day after date of check or
  2. ) date claim is made if after 90th day
Stop Payment$25 per item
Tax levy/garnishment$50
Verification of deposit$5
Verification of funds$5
VISA cash advance processing$5 per occurrence (no charge for JBFCU VISA)
IRA closure$25
IRA outgoing transfer$25 per request
Check printingactual cost
Checking account reopen$20 per occurrence
Copy of cancelled check$7 per item (no charge member retrieves on Virtual Branch)
Faxing copy of cancelled check$2
Interest bearing checking below $1,000$7 per month
Mailing copy of cancelled check$1
NSF/Stop items (ACH, ACH Origination, Bill Pay,opt-in Debit card)$30 per item
Savings transfer to cover overdraft (by staff)$2 per occurrence
Stop Payment 5 or more (consecutive $35 for 5 or more checks
Credit card replacement$10
Debit card replacement—per card, per occurrence$10
Debit PIN replacement—per card, per occurrence$15
Debit/Credit card rushactual costs
PIN replacement rushactual costs
CARFAXcost plus $5
Collateral release request$25
GAP$225 per policy
Loan extension/due date change$25 per request
Loan late$20 per occurrence
Loan payment return$30
Loan refinance to reduce interest rate$250
Private party collateralized loan$25
UCC Filings - for filing and release$20 total
VISA late$15
VISA Non-Sufficient Funds payment$25
Real Estate Loan late10% of the payment or $20, whichever is greater
Real Estate application fee$200
Real Estate written payoff request$20
Real Estate Deed Release$30
Real Estate Subordination agreement$100
Real Estate Written Verification of mortgage$20
Real Estate Document Preparation Fee$75
Real Estate Origination Fee.50% of Loan Amount
Business Account research/reconciliation$10 per hour, 1 hour minimum
Business Account below $1,000$7 per month
Business Deposit return per item$9
Business Deposited return same member$30
Business Service charge$7 per month
Sole Proprietor/Non profit$10 annually

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